Welcome to our website. If you are in Lockerbie it's easy to find us, just look for the sheep - recently arrived outside the Town Hall, courtesy of the local authority - and our gallery is right opposite. This photo gives a glimpse of just a fraction of what's inside. We are a co-operative of about 20 artists, plus photographer George Porteous, showing a wide range of paintings, drawings, prints, craft work and photographs.   

Feel free to drop in and browse. Or if you are not nearby, our website Gallery will show you the range of members' work. Scroll down to the bottom of the Gallery page to find links to artists' profiles. Opportunities to become a member of Project Art occur from time to time. If you are interested in joining the group - and can commit to helping staff the gallery on four days or eight half-days in a ten-week period - please use the Contact link or click here to download details.

Below: some recent additions to the works on show (not to scale)

Harbour - oil - Alayne Smith

Terns - acrylic - Martine Berlemont

Hand-painted glass birds - Sandra Veitch